The Norwegian cultural magazine Fanfare asked me – and a few other photographers – to submit one image from the place we live and another one from a place we’ve visited. I was still living in London when I submitted the work, so I sent them a pic from Holland Park and one from my trip to Istanbul last summer.

Here is a picture of my spread – this one is from the Japanese edition of the magazine. Normally Fanfare comes only in Norwegian, but since the them of the issue is international, the editors deceided to print it in English and Japanese too.



Secrets, Futures & Features


A lot of exciting things have happened these last few feeks. The traditional fundrasing sale RCA Secret opened last week in London and this week also for the first time in Dubai during Art Dubai. I have work in both events and the postcards go on sale today – if you are in London or Dubai, why not go and get yourself a postcard size artwork and support a good cause too? The artwork is a bargain at only £55 and it could be made by an international artist, a future talent or me! Don’t forget that you can only purchase the cards on location and that you have to register first to buy one.

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Today is also the first day of Hello Future!, a talents archive by the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. Recent graduates from art schools from around the world were asked to fill a sketch book and send it back to the centre. I did one where I documented my last 30 days in London and filled the book with contact sheets, exhibition tickets and everything else that inspired me. The event kick-starts today with a two day festival celebrating future talent.

Recently my book The Memory of My Wardrobe was positively reviewed in the latest issue of Norwegian photo magazine Fotografi and there was also a nice online feature of the book in Casa Vogue Brasil – for those of you speaking Portugese I do want to point out that there is a slight mistake in the text: my designer Sean Murphy is not the same Sean Murphy who is behind Batman!

Besides having my work featured in a Norwegian photo magazine I’ve also been getting some love from elswhere in Norway. The Norwegian cultural magazine Fanfare asked me to submit some work. Each issue of Fanfare is thematic and the latest one is the intenational issue. The editors decided to go super international and have published English and Japanese editions of the magazine too! My work is in a story where they asked six photographers around the world to submit one photograph from the place they live in and another one from a place they’ve visited. Picture coming soon.


I keep bumping into random photo people from everywhere in the world when I’m in Tokyo. The first time I visited the city I ended up having dinner with Magnum photographers and this time I met Marianne Müller and her lovely photo students from the Zürich University of the Arts and they invited me to collaborate with them on a project. The results of the project can be seen at Youkobo Art Space tonight, between 17-21. Welcome! Bild 3 KŌRYŪ 交流 is a new ongoing collaborative project between artists, photographers, architects and book designers from Zurich and Tokyo (and a couple of other places). The collaborating artists are:  Anina Gantenbein, Asami Murakami, Chantal Kaufmann, Cho Ongo, Denis Twerenbold, Dominik Zietlow, Haruka Yoshino, Ida Taavitsainen, James Batten, Kyoko Suzuki, Madeleine Campbell, Masako Sethiwan, Marianne Müller, Melanie Matthieu, Mizuki Shibata, Nobuhiro Kobayashi, Sveta Bureki, Umi Eo, Valentina Minnig, Masayo Matsuda & Yuri Fujii.

A Patchwork of Memories

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Welcome to my solo exibition “A Patchwork of Memories” to see what I have done during my one month long residency at 3331 Arst Chiyoda. The exhibition is open 4.-7.2 from 12-19 with an opening reception on the 5th, from 18.30 to 20.30.

During my residency with the 3331 Open Residence Program I have created a piece of work inspired by the layers of history of the blue boro-garments from Northern Japan and based on the idealised view of Japan I had as a child. The series of images consists of cyanotypes made out of images photographed on my phone during my one month long exploration of Tokyo. 

For full information about the work, see this document A Patchwork of MemoriesOther upcoming exhibitions this spring include Hello Future! Talent’s Archive opening in February at Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens, Greece, as well as the annual fundraising exhibition RCA Secret, this year held in London between 12.-21.3 and also during Art Dubai 18.-23.3. Please come and support the future talents of the RCA!


I’ve been in Japan for around two weeks now and am really enjoying my residency at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. The sun is shining, people are friendly, the food is good and it’s so quiet all the time and best of all – I feel inspired!

I’ve spent my first two weeks here just walking around Tokyo and visiting museums and shrines and temples and gardens (I’m often the only person under 65 at these attractions, especially in the latter). I finally saw some boro garments in real life and not on a screen and was completely blown away by them – and best of all was that I was actually allowed to touch them and see how they are stiched together.

This place is heaven for anyone with a fashion interest and I do have moments when I think I should have studied fashion instead, because so much that I’m interested in and inspired by relates to fashion and clothing. Boro, kimonos and all the amazing different printing methods (great exhibition about it here), all the uniforms, the workers wide trousers, the salarymen’s suits and my favourite inspiration of it all: Japanese old ladies (such elgance! Such grace!). I’m going to become one one day.

I’m now working on a new piece inpired by the layers of history of the boro as well as my own idealised view of Japan that I had as a child. I’m working digitally for the first time in my life (on my phone, actually!), but the printing is still analogue so I haven’t gone completley mad here.

I’m having an exhibition with this work at 3331 from 4.-7.2 with an opening reception on the 5th. More about this work and an invitation will come shortly!

Freedom to Love

unnamed I may have left London, but my work hasn’t! I’m happy to announce that one of my images from my series of portraits of people in long-distance relationships will be shown in the exhibition Freedom to Love at London College of Communication between 12.-17.1.2014. I am unable to attend beacuse I’m in Tokyo at the moment and have just started my residency at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. I’m very excited to be here and will soon post more about what I’m actually up to. Before that I’m very happy to share this feature on The Memory of My Wardrobe that was recently published on the website WeHeart. You can read it here. Sayonara for now!