Save the Date

Two years at the RCA are coming to an end (where did these past two years go?) and the preparations for the final show started this week. There’s been a lot of sanding, filling and painting the last few days – and there’s still a lot more of that to come. The fine art degree show is on from the 18th to the 29th of June (closed on the 27th), so save the date!

Our publication Science & Fiction was launched a week ago. I’ill post some images of my pages soon, but in the meantime you can find out more about it here.



Science & Fiction tomorrow

Just a gentle reminder that Science & Fiction, the book my class has made, is launched tomorrow at Work Gallery. Tom McCarthy is speaking and there will be a mini-exhibition showcasing some of the work from the book.

6-8 pm

10 a Acton Street, London, WC1X 9NG


Upcoming Books

When I finished my BA three years ago, my work featured in two different publications: a book we made with our year and a self-published publication, Out of Fashion, that I did with two other friends. Now that I’m about to finish my MA (yikes! When did that happen?!) it seems to be time for some new books.

The first one out is Science & Fiction, a photography book showing work by me and all of my class mates as well writing by artists and academics. The book is launched at Work Gallery on the 22nd of May and you are all very welcome to the launch party and mini-exhibition!Science_&_Fiction invite

The other book on its way is my first real photography book that has nothing to do with school. I’ve known it’s coming for a while, but it’s been a bit too good to be true, but now that I see it on Amazon I can actually start believing it is really happening. The Memory of My Wardrobe is out in November and published by Booth-Clibborn Editions. I’m so excited and will keep you posted!


The RCA Work in Progress show has been taken down now, so thanks again to all of you who showed up and for those who missed it, here’s some installation shots (by Dominic Tschudin). My images are the three small ones on the left of the middle wall. Scroll down for a closer look of what they actually looked like.

WIP installation

WIP Sohei

WIP Lidia


The work-in-progress show at the RCA opens tomorrow, so if you’re in London, come to South Kensington and see my latest work. I also got another exhibition at the moment, at Taylor Street Baristas in South Key. I’m showing my old series, Untitled (Objects of Survival) there, so if you haven’t seen it and feel like having a nice cup of coffee with some bankers, take the DLR down south and enjoy! Thanks to Katarina Hruskova for organising this.

Taylor St


Finally, after a lot of trouble, our publication Batch44 was launched last night. The book showcases the final work of 44 of the students from my year. I actually think it looks quite cool. Here’s the three spreads I have in the book (sorry about the poor picture quality, but I’m no product photographer):

P.S. If your in Helsinki tomorrow, go to the Hel Looks Weekend and hear Siru talk about Out of Fashion, the other publication I’m involved with (I know, I still need to post pictures of that…).