After over six years here, I have decided to leave and as my time in England is coming to an end very soon, I thought I should share some of my future plans here. I’m going home for christmas to spend a couple of weeks with my family and my new nephew who should see the light of day anytime now, but in the 1st week of January I will be packing my bags and relocating to Japan for almost three months. From January to February I’ll do an artist residency at 3331 Art’s Chiyoda in Tokyo and the rest of the time I will travel around the country and spend time with my partner. I’m getting really excited about this and have even started to take Japanese classes so that I can get along on my own when I’m there, though at the moment all I can say is wakarimasen – word I’m sure I’ll be needing a lot.

Here’s some images from my last trip to Japan – my friend asked me to take part in the B&W challenge on Facebook a while ago, but unsurprisingly I forgot, so am trying to compensate here. These are for you Aura!

And last but not least, I’ve sold my soul and joined Twitter. You can now follow me @IdaTaavitsainen




BlowUp! @ Angkor Photo Festival

I’ll be showing my series of people in long-distance relationsips for the first time as part of BlowUp! at Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia. The festival opens today and is on until the 6th December. Unfortunately I’m unable to make it there, but if anyone is, please send me some pictures!

Fannyp.s. thanks to everyone who modelled for this project!


For the latest issue of Astra, a Finnish feminist magazine (written in Swedish) founded back in 1919, I had the privilidge of meeting and photographing Pragna Patel, activist and directior of the organisation Southall Black Sisters. The organisation was founded in 1979 to meet the needs of of black (i.e. Asian and African-Caribbean) and minority ethnic women. Thanks to Alina Böling for writing the piece and for asking me to photograph!

DSC_4154 DSC_4157