Spring has finally come – both to London and my notebook.

flower boy


Bye Bye Babies

The babies went back to Sweden today. Even though they’ve made serious damage to my sleep (and probably my eardrums as well) and turned the house into a complete mess, I’m going to miss them and their toothless smiles and chubby thighs. The next time I’ll see them they’ll probably walk! This time I was too busy cuddling them, so I didn’t take that many pictures of them, but here’s one I took of Adrian and his dad last easter (as always you have to wait for my latest images – I should really buy that scanner…).

Because I always ruthlessly praise and promote my family and friends, I wanna remind you that this is the last week of my aunt’s charity 2nd hand shop, so please visit it and help her save the world – or at least a little part of it. This week is also the last chance to se my cousin’s and his friends video Peter and the Woolf at Galleria Huuto. Not only is it written and starred by my cousin Juho, it also features a voice over by another cousin of mine and my dear old grandmother has a big part in it. So there’s more than one reason to see it. Oh, and it’s good as well.

And I also want you to have a look at this fashion story recently published in Volt Café. It was shot by the lovely Eeva and I was assisting her on the shoot. It was a while ago, so it was a nice surprise to see it’s online now!

Ok, enough self- and other promotion for today.


For my 25th birthday I had the chance to join an archeological expedition to Stonehenge. It wasn’t the usual tourist experience at Stonehenge, instead I was able to start the second quarter of a century of my life at dusk, inside the walls of the henge. It was quite a magical experience, but it did not turn me into a druid.





Finally, after a lot of trouble, our publication Batch44 was launched last night. The book showcases the final work of 44 of the students from my year. I actually think it looks quite cool. Here’s the three spreads I have in the book (sorry about the poor picture quality, but I’m no product photographer):

P.S. If your in Helsinki tomorrow, go to the Hel Looks Weekend and hear Siru talk about Out of Fashion, the other publication I’m involved with (I know, I still need to post pictures of that…).