Identiteedi Olemus – Identity Matters

I’ve got my first exhibition in Estonia coming up! The group show Identiteed Olemus – Identity Matters will open at Aparaaditehas in Tartu next Friday. The other exhibiting artists are Vanessa Forstén, Fia Doepel, Hanna Råst and Salla Lahtinen. After Tartu the exhibition will move on to other locations in Estonia, so far Haapsalu and Saaremaa are confirmed. The exhibition is compiled by the Finnish Institute in Estonia.

I made some new work for the exhibition. Welcome!

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 20.38.27.png

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My Book

As some of you might know, my first book is coming out this November – I’ve known about it for years, but only now, when I see it available for pre-orders on Amazon, do I actually believe it’s true!

The book is called The Memory of My Wardrobe and it is a personal project about the relatioship between clothes and memory that I started working on during my BA. The book is published by Booth-Clibborn Editions, the loveliest and most supporting people. There’s still a few months to go, but from what I’ve seen of the design it looks amazing – better than I ever imagined! I’m so exited about this and will keep you posted.


P.S.1 Speaking of books, here’s a review of Science & Fiction on the Photographers Gallery blog.

P.S.2 If you still haven’t seen our degree show, it’s open until the end of the week from 12-8 (though closed on Friday for our graduation)

Bye Bye Babies

The babies went back to Sweden today. Even though they’ve made serious damage to my sleep (and probably my eardrums as well) and turned the house into a complete mess, I’m going to miss them and their toothless smiles and chubby thighs. The next time I’ll see them they’ll probably walk! This time I was too busy cuddling them, so I didn’t take that many pictures of them, but here’s one I took of Adrian and his dad last easter (as always you have to wait for my latest images – I should really buy that scanner…).

Because I always ruthlessly praise and promote my family and friends, I wanna remind you that this is the last week of my aunt’s charity 2nd hand shop, so please visit it and help her save the world – or at least a little part of it. This week is also the last chance to se my cousin’s and his friends video Peter and the Woolf at Galleria Huuto. Not only is it written and starred by my cousin Juho, it also features a voice over by another cousin of mine and my dear old grandmother has a big part in it. So there’s more than one reason to see it. Oh, and it’s good as well.

And I also want you to have a look at this fashion story recently published in Volt Café. It was shot by the lovely Eeva and I was assisting her on the shoot. It was a while ago, so it was a nice surprise to see it’s online now!

Ok, enough self- and other promotion for today.

A Good Cause and a Crazy Aunt

What happens when you combine a charitable cause, a crazy aunt, a crappy point-and shoot camera and Photoshopping way past bedtime? Apparently this:




So what’s all this about? My aunt has an organic beauty parlor, but a few times a year she also opens a pop-up second hand shop. The clothes for the shop are donated by her customers and all the proceeds go to a charitable cause, this time (just like the last) it goes to provide medication for the paperless individuals in Finland, who do not have the same right to health care ase those who live legally in the country.

To boost the sales of the charity shop my aunt created side personas to herself, here are the cowboy, 60’s cocktailparty goer and rapper. To see the rest, check out (and like) Eko Ego’s Facebook page. And if your in Helsinki, please visit the shop and get yourself a new look and support a good cause. More information here (in Finnish).

From Mother, With Love

This spring I was contacted by Emily Froud, a lovely fashion promotion student from UCA Epsom, who had stumbled upon my series the Memory of My Wardrobe in Address Magazine and asked me whether she could interview me and feature my work in her final project from uni, a book and blog called From Mother, With Love, about the relationships and attachments one has with clothes.

After meeting Emily a couple of months ago, I realized that we share the same views on fashion and clothing, so I agreed to be part of her project. I submitted some of my own images from The Memory of My Wardrobe to the project, as well as a photograph of my grandmother that has more or less been the inspiration and catalyst behind my own project

Emily’s book is now ready and looks beautiful. You can see some of the pages with my images below, for more, check out the website for From Mother, With Love. I’m very flattered to be part of the project and want to wish Emily and her book the best of luck!

As I’m on the subject of mothers anyway and it’s Mother’s Day in Finland, I want to wish my mother, both grandmothers, my sister (celebrating her first mother’s day ever!) and all the other lovely moms I know a happy mother’s day! Love you!

FutureFrock Portfolio

Apparently, my work has been up on the online ethical fashion magazine FutureFrock for a while, I just didn’t know about it… I submitted my images ages ago and last time I checked they weren’t there, so I gave up hope and forgot about it, but ta-dah! tonight I found them. Out of Fashion is also mentioned!

The work is a part of my series The Memory of My Wardrobe, which was my final project from uni. Take a look at it here, while waiting for my webpage to be updated (I’m working on it, I really am, I’m just really bad at editing and desiscion making!).