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After so many years away, I’m happy to show my work in Helsinki again. This week I have not one, but two, openings in my hometown. The first one is NEVERMIND THE M*SS in the new art space A Space. It’s a group exhibition with selected Finnish and international artists. The works presented at the show focuses on the mood and future of this new creative hub.

Building an interesting conversation between the selected works and mediums from young artists with different background, this exhibition celebrates zooming in and out on sometimes risqué amusement fused with everyday seriousness and moods, brought back into new light by the minds of these up and coming artists.

The exhibition is open until 5th June and the other participating artists are Emilia Kannosto, Hanna Perälä, Isabella Chydenius, Vanessa Forstén, Manuel Donada, Kobus la Grange & David Brits. The opening reception is on Thursday, from 7-9 pm at Albertinkatu 12. More about the event here. Hope to see you there!


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