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A lot of exciting things have happened these last few feeks. The traditional fundrasing sale RCA Secret opened last week in London and this week also for the first time in Dubai during Art Dubai. I have work in both events and the postcards go on sale today – if you are in London or Dubai, why not go and get yourself a postcard size artwork and support a good cause too? The artwork is a bargain at only £55 and it could be made by an international artist, a future talent or me! Don’t forget that you can only purchase the cards on location and that you have to register first to buy one.

Bild 3

Today is also the first day of Hello Future!, a talents archive by the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. Recent graduates from art schools from around the world were asked to fill a sketch book and send it back to the centre. I did one where I documented my last 30 days in London and filled the book with contact sheets, exhibition tickets and everything else that inspired me. The event kick-starts today with a two day festival celebrating future talent.

Recently my book The Memory of My Wardrobe was positively reviewed in the latest issue of Norwegian photo magazine Fotografi and there was also a nice online feature of the book in Casa Vogue Brasil – for those of you speaking Portugese I do want to point out that there is a slight mistake in the text: my designer Sean Murphy is not the same Sean Murphy who is behind Batman!

Besides having my work featured in a Norwegian photo magazine I’ve also been getting some love from elswhere in Norway. The Norwegian cultural magazine Fanfare asked me to submit some work. Each issue of Fanfare is thematic and the latest one is the intenational issue. The editors decided to go super international and have published English and Japanese editions of the magazine too! My work is in a story where they asked six photographers around the world to submit one photograph from the place they live in and another one from a place they’ve visited. Picture coming soon.


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