I keep bumping into random photo people from everywhere in the world when I’m in Tokyo. The first time I visited the city I ended up having dinner with Magnum photographers and this time I met Marianne Müller and her lovely photo students from the Zürich University of the Arts and they invited me to collaborate with them on a project. The results of the project can be seen at Youkobo Art Space tonight, between 17-21. Welcome! Bild 3 KŌRYŪ 交流 is a new ongoing collaborative project between artists, photographers, architects and book designers from Zurich and Tokyo (and a couple of other places). The collaborating artists are:  Anina Gantenbein, Asami Murakami, Chantal Kaufmann, Cho Ongo, Denis Twerenbold, Dominik Zietlow, Haruka Yoshino, Ida Taavitsainen, James Batten, Kyoko Suzuki, Madeleine Campbell, Masako Sethiwan, Marianne Müller, Melanie Matthieu, Mizuki Shibata, Nobuhiro Kobayashi, Sveta Bureki, Umi Eo, Valentina Minnig, Masayo Matsuda & Yuri Fujii.


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